Create a Group Policy Central Store

Creating a Group Policy Central Store is critical for large organizations that want to leverage the features and functionality of Group Policy at a enterprise level.

The central store provides a central location for all group policy (ADM/ADMX) files to be stored and retrieved. This insures that all computers retrieve the same setting from the same place.

So to start this we:

1. Identify the most current server/workstation on the network. Just as a secondary precaution, run Windows Update and make sure you have applied all updated and security patches.

2. Navigate to: C:\Windows\PolicyDefinitions

3. Select all

4. Copy all selected Items

5. Navigate to: \\{FQDD}\SYSVOL\{FQDN}\Policies\PolicyDefinitions

6. Paste these Contents of your prior copy into this location (yes its ok to overwrite the files currently there if any)


Congratulations you now have a Central Store for all your group policy objects

To Verify:

1. Open any group policy object.

2. Click Edit on any GPO

3. Open (Computer Configuration > Policies >)

4. Mouse Over Administrative Templates and you should see something like the screenshot below at the End of Administrative Templates


3-4-2012 11-23-41 AM

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