MMS 2013 PowerPoint’s

I don’t want any credit for this just sharing what any of us could have figured out.

Using the same script from Stefan Roth, (located here) I was able to run the Create-MMS2013SessionFile to create the session.txt file

Once I opened it I saw all the extensions were .WMV, I just replaced the .WMV extensions with the .PPTX extensions and bam. There goes the PowerPoint’s.


As you can see not all sessions are up are the name of the PPTX is NOT the same as the video name. You will need to get those manually are wait until all the PPTX’s are uploaded…

Per the script though you will get a sessions_notavalable.txt file you can refer to.

If your like me you might not get all the videos, to watch but at least you can get the PPTX’s to review while your flying home.

Happy travels everyone


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