Windows Server 2003 as a Distribution Point

I had a project where a client wanted to use a 2003 Server as a distribution point. This blog will explain what is needed to be done to make a 2003 Server a distribution point.


So as usual you will need to go through the admin section and setup a site system, and pick the server as a distribution point. Once you make that server a distribution point you will notice the status in the monitoring section (Monitoring –> Overview –> Distribution Status –> Distribution Point Configuration Status) will not turn green. Yes you may have selected to make the server a distribution point and install IIS but; it won’t.

The blow screenshot is what your screen will look like and stay like unless you perform the following steps in this blog:



If you go to the server and look at the location where the CM12 distribution folders are located you will see this:


If you notice there is A LOT missing here.


In the distmgr.log you will also see errors similar to the ones below.

image image image
image image image


So exactly how do you get the server to function as a distribution point?


So if you look at you will see the requirements for a DP are as follows:



Notice that the VERY 1st feature is REMOTE DIFFERENTIAL COMPRESSION.

So Windows 2003 Server DOES NOT have this by default. BUT, if you look in your share of your CM12 server, (\\CM12\SMS_PS1\Client\i386) the client folder under the i386 folder, you will notice the exe msrdcoob.exe. Guess what that is? 🙂


Once you execute the EXE you get the below install:









Once you install that, you go back and look at your log files and the status and you still see red:



You need to install IIS on the server manually.

The below screenshot comes directly from, under the same screenshot as above where the requirements are.



YEAP, you have to install IIS manually on the 2003 Server.



Once the server has IIS installed and RDC installed, you get a clean log file and a clean green status area.



I hope this helps someone, and feel free to leave comments


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  1. Nigel says:

    This definitely helped me. Thanks much

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